Two words-life changing! I had given up on my dachshund & cavachon who were a tag team of ear perforating barking & defiance. After a long time of avoiding having visitors & even walking my dogs when there was a remote chance of encountering another person or dog, I decided to seek the help of a professional. John is indeed a professional with a wealth of knowledge & years of experience! Within days of Johns tailored programme I could see a transformation in both my dogs. It became clear that it was me who needed training! My dogs had little or no respect for me & that was totally my fault. This is, without doubt, the best thing I have done in a long time & I cannot recommend John enough. I can now have visitors, walk my dogs without stress & am in control. I know John is at the end of the phone if I need any advice but I know if I do exactly as he has told me & am consistent, then my dogs will continue to respect me & we can all enjoy life a lot more! Thank you John!!