Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Two words-life changing! I had given up on my dachshund & cavachon who were a tag team of ear perforating barking & defiance. After a long time of avoiding having visitors & even walking my dogs when there was a remote chance of encountering another person or dog, I decided to seek the help of a professional. John is indeed a professional with a wealth of knowledge & years of experience! Within days of Johns tailored programme I could see a transformation in both my dogs. It became clear that it was me who needed training! My dogs had little or no respect for me & that was totally my fault. This is, without doubt, the best thing I have done in a long time & I cannot recommend John enough. I can now have visitors, walk my dogs without stress & am in control. I know John is at the end of the phone if I need any advice but I know if I do exactly as he has told me & am consistent, then my dogs will continue to respect me & we can all enjoy life a lot more! Thank you John!!


Brilliant with my dog gave us loads tips me and my partner was very happy .. explained everything really good to us so hopefully things will change with my little pug I’m sure it will


I would like to thank John ,for helping with our miniature schnauzer .
The main problem is that our boy is so reactive to other dogs, he is aggressive towards them. After only two sessions with John , we are now able to walk past other dogs , it’s working progress but with the programme John has put together for us and his constant support, I know we will get there and be able to enjoy this summer.

So if you are looking for a dog behaviourist look no further, John is professional and very calm. He provided us with excellent advise and training . We will definitely continue with our programme.


John was great.A great help with understanding poor dogs behaviour and how correct and improve his behavior


I really wanted to safely be able to control my Sproodle of lead and build up a good recall relationship with her. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a puppy and whilst I had a relative idea of what to do, my confidence was somewhat lacking. John came in and helped me tweak Coco’s development and help me to understand how dogs should. This really helped me to see a different side of Coco and she definitely, after persisting with John’s initial programme, saw me as ‘pack leader’. Without Johns great ideas, tips and understanding of how a dogs mind works, I would definitely not have the confidence to ever let Coco off the lead, which is turn has allowed her a better quality of life. Thank you John for all your support


John came over to give us guidance and help with training our 6 month rescue collie. He came on a walk with us to see
how the dog reacted to certain situations when out as well as when he’s at home. We are now much more confident and reassured having had John spend time with us and our dog.

Samantha Woodman

We have a 4 year old Cane Corso who we took on just under 12 months ago. Unbeknown to us at the time he had not been socialised with other dogs and as a result gets very nervous when going out for walks and when near other dogs he can react quite erratically. John was recommended to us via a friend and I must say his knowledge and support has been amazing, not only for our fur baby but also for me and my partner. He has given us so much information on how things can be improved to help all of us, such as the type of collar and lead that are a better fit for our boys breed, as well as things that we should be doing at home to help when we do go for walks. Both me and my partner agree that our confidence in handling the walks has greatly improved. We understand that the process we are going through could be a long one but with Johns support it doesn’t feel as daunting. Thanks very much John, much appreciated.

Tracy Shannon

We had John to visit for a puppy consultation for our 4month old puppy. John was very professional and approachable.He gave us lots of advice and tips to support us training our pup. He listened to our concerns and reassured us we are on the right track with our training. Thanks John

Suzanne Jones

Following on from John’s assessment of our dog, it was reassuring to have an expert opinion and advice in our home surroundings, as well as during our dog walk.
We felt confident with John’s knowledge and will certainly apply his suggestions, which were outlined on his written report the next day.
Many thanks, John.

Sue Fisher

We found John to be very helpful, he definitely knew his stuff and we learnt more from him in the 2 hours than what we have ever learnt from previous dog trainers. He listened to what we had to say and gave us useful tips on the matter.
John is very professional and he put us at ease straight away.
Would recommend if your dog is having behavior issues!


After having multiple behavioural and aggression issues with our Lhasa Apso we contacted John, who from the first phone call made us feel very comfortable. John then visited Monty and gave us a programme that has totally reformed his behaviour and diminished his aggression. The aftercare he provides is an added benefit as well. The experience and knowledge John brings is second to none and we can’t thank him enough for the service he provided. I would highly recommend John!

Lisa McGreevy

We found John’s details on Google and decided to make contact with him for an initial consultation regarding our 13month old dog whose behaviour at times was proving to be challenging to say the least. On first meeting with John he set our mind at ease within the first 10 minutes and was able to sum up our dogs personality very accurately. He assured us that whatever issues we were currently facing with our dog, they were workable and with his guidance along with commitment from ourselves we would be able to overcome the issues and begin to enjoy the company of our canine companion. John’s knowledge and experience of working with dogs was evident from the off. The key for us was that John was in no way patronising in his approach and he included all of the family in our sessions. John was clear about what the support package would consist of and this is exactly what we got. He was available on phone and email to answer questions we had or to discuss any issues/concerns that came up in between our sessions. We are now beginning to see the benefits of the guidance that has been given and we continue to follow the plans that John has provided us, which are easy to follow and in no way unrealistic! We would highly recommend John to anyone who is considering calling on a behaviourist for support. Thank you John.

Adam Michael

I highly recommend John as a dog behaviourist.

He’s very empathetic, understands and explains dog behaviour really well, and gives simple, actionable recommendations that make a difference.

One of our dogs has started being reactive around dogs he doesn’t know and I called John because I was keen to nip it in the bud before it got any worse. It also knocked my confidence because I didn’t understand the cause behind it. He’s given us some really simple exercises as part of our plan that are already making a difference. And most importantly, I’m glad I went to see him early because I feel confident I won’t make it any worse.

Sandy Kahrod