We found John’s details on Google and decided to make contact with him for an initial consultation regarding our 13month old dog whose behaviour at times was proving to be challenging to say the least. On first meeting with John he set our mind at ease within the first 10 minutes and was able to sum up our dogs personality very accurately. He assured us that whatever issues we were currently facing with our dog, they were workable and with his guidance along with commitment from ourselves we would be able to overcome the issues and begin to enjoy the company of our canine companion. John’s knowledge and experience of working with dogs was evident from the off. The key for us was that John was in no way patronising in his approach and he included all of the family in our sessions. John was clear about what the support package would consist of and this is exactly what we got. He was available on phone and email to answer questions we had or to discuss any issues/concerns that came up in between our sessions. We are now beginning to see the benefits of the guidance that has been given and we continue to follow the plans that John has provided us, which are easy to follow and in no way unrealistic! We would highly recommend John to anyone who is considering calling on a behaviourist for support. Thank you John.