Dog Training Services in Grimsby

Professional Dog Training in Grimsby to Get the Best Dog Behaviour

Do you want a cordial and friendly relationship with your canine friend? Then, Canine Care Communication & Counselling is the right place for you. We have a team of counsellors and experts who will analyse your dog’s behaviour and focus on establishing a bond between you and your furry friend.
From puppy training to behavioural consultations – we at Canine Care Communication & Counselling can help you with proper dog training in Grimsby. Fix an appointment with our dog trainers and experience a change in your dog’s behaviour within a week.

Get a Range of Dog Training Services From Us

One-to-one personalised training:
Is your dog always cranky? Is it not following the instructions? Our one-to-one personalised training services benefit these types of dogs and puppies. Our team of highly experienced professionals will give complete attention to the dog and chalk out a behavioural plan for improvement of the same.
Residential dog training:
Our residential dog training services offer a range of comprehensive dog training services, which help develop cognitive and socialisation skills in puppies so that they grow up to be well-behaved and manageable dogs.
Puppy training:
Our counsellors specialise in a number of training programs designed to meet dogs’ different needs. Our services include obedience training, puppy classes, agility training, and behavioural monitoring. Our counsellors will also conduct sessions with the dog and the owner to help you bond with your canine friend without any hindrances.
Is your dog showing signs of fear or other behavioural issues? These issues will make your dog anxious and restrict their normal behavioural pattern. With the help of our counselling sessions, help your dog get rid of the anxiety, stress and fear that they are facing.

Why Choose Us?

Investing in Canine Care Communication & Counselling will help you improve your relationship with your dog. Do you want to enjoy the time you spend with your canine friend? Then choose us as your partner.

Here’s what you can get from us:

  • We have a team of friendly and experienced trainers who can help your furry friend exhibit the best behaviour.
  • We have a welcoming training facility and a supportive environment that will make you and your dogs feel comfortable throughout the session.
  • Our comprehensive training services cover everything from obedience and agility to scent work training.

Book your appointment now and let your pet enjoy and learn new skills.