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Professional canine behavioural service

Recognising that your dog has a problem is halfway to solving it and we at Canine Care, Communication & Counselling in Birmingham can help you the rest of the way. We cover Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Contact us today.

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Struggling to control your dog?

Digging? Chewing? Constantly pulling on the leash? Open aggression when confronted with other dogs? You may be at your wit's end, but it says a lot about you that you're looking for help - that you want your dog to remain a member of your family. And we'll do everything in our power to help you do that. It all starts with an initial consultation.

Rectifying your dog's behaviour

What we need to do first is isolate the issues your dog has and to try and find out the root of them. From that point, we can come up with recommendations on how to work with your dog going forward. The solutions vary and may encompass medical treatment, obedience support, socialisation with other dogs and dietary changes. We proceed on that basis until you're satisfied with your dog's progress. We can accommodate any dog, no matter the breed, and all our services are carried out in full accordance with applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines. Our team are fully trained, have 20 years' experience in dog behavioural training and is a member of the CFBA. 


One to One home visits and consultations

​We can help with the below list:

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Puppy training 

  • Introducing a new dog to your home (rescue)

  • Dog and children relationships

  • Dietary advice (obesity) 

  • Aggression (all types) 

  • Lead training

Anything not listed here please feel free to contact us to see if we can help.

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Your dog's behaviour isn't set in stone. Get the help you need by emailing our team at or by completing the form below

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